"Between Heaven and mountains every experience counts." Terra Peru

"The world is a great book, and those who travel read many of your pages."

Terra Peru is a travel and tourism agency which has as vocation of service planning and conducting cultural tours and adventure throughout the Peruvian territory. We walk tirelessly largely of all paths of ancient Peru, with the idea of proposing the most suitable circuit and convenient for you and all your friends. This with the idea of achieving makes you feel part of our country Peru. From the moment of our inception we were fortunate to have equipment highly specialized to meet all the expectations of our national and international traveler’s.


This best desire of Terra Peru is that you make the trip to fill your spirit with strong emotions and never leave the impression that "I had seen, I had done or was it just that?" Always remember that a collection of photos, never give the same satisfaction of staying in places full of life as the majestic Machu Picchu or filled with wonderful cities of history, we are more than confident that all these experiences in your trip will remain in their memory for a long time.

In the same way we are committed to demonstrating that our trips and excursions are a positive environmental influence, we try to sensitize our staff caring for the environment and this is reflected at every moment in all our programs and just as it will encourage you have the desire to preserve the environmental integrity safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage of all places of this wonderful country.

WHY Terra Peru?

Travelers know that when we make a trip either on vacation, business or family trips you have to be aware of the benefits and disadvantages that tourism has, that is why we say and believe that people who get us to the throughout all our tourist destinations should be able to maintain their identity and way of life without being altered in space and time their natural environment. Daily we always hear conversations where mentioned and talk about clean tourism and unaltered but we just try to show respect and common sense to our communities and to all the people who make possible the successful development of our services offered to our public.

We are totally passionate team for each of the activities we do that is our main reason why we always try to give our best every moment, at every moment, because the thought of you, think of all those suitcases loaded dreams, hopes and desires accompanied by

expectations that would be found in each of our magical destinations.