Please follow the next steps for to make your reservations easier. In order to confirm your reservations we need:
First step. - Send to our E-mail (reservas@iterraperu.com) your passports copies where we can see easily all your personal datas.
Second step. - we also need the advance of payment. For the classic Inca Trail and short Inca Trail is 45% of the total balance, and 30% of the another hikes or tours.


Option A.
Pay with a credit card affiliated to your PAYPAL account
First CLICK on the following PAYPAL link: ttps://www.paypal.com/pe/webapps/mpp/pay-online
Then Make the requested payment only to this email: reyriip@gmail.com (please, copy it correctly).
PayPal does charge us a fee of 8% which we ask the client to cover. So a total of (Price of tour + 8% of PayPal fee). This tax is just for deposits, the remaining, you will pay in cash (briefing day) without taxes.

Option B.
Pay with a Western Union or Money Gram transfer
This is the least expensive way to send money. You can send the payment at your nearest Western Union or Money Gram agent. The payment must be made only to the name indicated below. You should take your identification card with you to send this payment.
Please, send us the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that you will be given after the transaction to the next E-mail- reservas@iterraperu.com
Name: Maria del Pilar Arango Quispe Inga
ID: 44421830
Address: Prolongacion Pera 120 (Cusco – Peru )

Option C.
Pay with a bank to bank international wire transfer
This option is best for groups that want to send their deposits altogether. Banks usually charge a single, set wire fee and it can be done at the bank of your preference!
Send us an E-mail (reservas@iterraperu.com) if you wan to use this system for provide you the datas of our bank in Peru.
Later provide us with the following information: Transaction Number, Date, Amount Sent and Name of your Bank.
We must emphasize that if your bank is not in Peru, it will probably use intermediary banks that will charge you with additional fees that will be paid by the clients themselves.

CONTACT US AFTER PAYMENT.- Once the 30% payment is made, you should contact us through an email or contact form with your personal data and that of the members of your group. From our side, we will be sending the document confirming the reservation of the requested services as soon as possible.
PAYING THE REMAIN. - The remaining balance is paid in CASH once to your arrival in Cusco and prior to the tours. This balance is normally paid in American dollars and with notes in good conditions (without tears or stains in them; neither we accept notes of 100 US dollars of the series CBB2).
CHECK THE FEES. - Note that all means of payment have their own fees (these are not included in the quotations); so these will be assumed by the clients themselves. Please, check the details concerning the means of payment you are going to use.

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