Paracas and Ballestas Islands and The Huacachina Full Day

Trip introduction

Peru is a huge country, full of culture, happiness and, above all, destinations to discover. In the southern part of the Peruvian coast, there is the Ica region, which is located approximately 3 hours away by car.

Ica is known for being a great producer of grapes and for the elaboration of Wines and Pisco, however, it also has the desert whose oases in the place are a special attraction such as the famous Huacachina, where you can practice Sandboarding or ride in tubular cars adding excitement and speed to our vacations.

This destination also offers us a visit to one of its best-known islands, the Ballestas Islands, where part of the marine fauna of the place can be appreciated. Many consider that visiting Peru is just going to Machu Picchu and the vacation is over, but no! Peru has much more.

Responsible Travel.

By booking this trip, you will be helping provide a special Christmas breakfast for low income children in Cusco.