Inca Jungle to Machu Picchu 5 Days Luxury

Trip introduction

The 4-day Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu is a hike through the Peruvian jungle and so much more. The tropical trek incorporates loads of adventure activities into the journey that goes far beyond hiking. During the Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu, you partake in all of the following activities along the way: biking, rafting, hiking along the Inca trail, and ziplining!.

This Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu has been surging in popularity since it was first offered nearly ten years ago. In fact, our Jungle Trek guide estimates it’s now become the second most popular trek to get to Machu Picchu, only after the famous Inca Trail. We now see the appeal. The Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu is awesome!

Responsible Travel.

By booking this trip, you will be helping provide a special Christmas breakfast for low income children in Cusco.