Uros Island, Amantani and Taquile 2 Days

Trip introduction

The Puno region is located over 3800 meters above sea level and is famous for its Carnival of the Virgin of Candelaria that is celebrated during the month of February every year and on the other hand here is also the navigable lake The highest in the world known as Titicaca, which has innumerable natural islands where many of its inhabitants welcome tourists with open arms to show them part of their culture and way of life far from the city.

Puno is considered the capital of Peruvian folklore as a large number of dances perform their parade during the months of February when the festivities of the Virgin of Candelaria are celebrated.

This region also gives us the opportunity to continue traveling to the country of Bolivia since the border is only 4 hours away from the city and thus you will be able to discover the destinations that this country has.