Moray Salt Mines and Textiles Factorys Full Day

Trip introduction

Agriculture in the Inca era was the largest source of economy in the Inca empire, this would not have been possible if the Andean man had not discovered the ways and techniques to genetically improve their plants to different ecosystems that thanks to them today have more than 3000 varieties of potatoes, 250 varieties of corn, making our country rich in agricultural products. The objective of the tour that we have designed for you is to get to know the Moray agricultural laboratory with its circular agricultural terraces and, in the same way, the salt mines of Maras, which to this day are still a source of income for the local people who inhabit the area. area and to finish you will visit the factory of some weavers in the area who take advantage of many wild plants to give color to their threads and have alpaca garments.

Responsible Travel.

By booking this trip, you will be helping provide a special Christmas breakfast for low income children in Cusco.